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Important milestones are not just for married couples celebrating 10 years anniversary, in fact the U.S. small business administration suggests that one-third of businesses survive their 10th year. Corporate celebrations are an important way to celebrate how far you have come and boost morale. I think we can all safely say that anything worth sharing should be celebrated.

To celebrate this wonderful company anniversary it is important to communicate with your audience and a perfect time to share your story and become more personal with your clients and your staff alike. Your event is an ideal situation for you to share how you started in business, where you have been and what you have been up to, it is also a great opportunity to thank employees and clients who helped achieve such success.

10th Anniversary Event Ideas

Photos and videos really show how the company has changed and progressed, ensure you have a good setup in the location you are choosing to host, or perhaps you are holding it in the company building. Check out the rental of a projector and have your images scrolling through time. A good selection of photos would include managers, senior staff and employees from before and 10 years later.

Choose a wall to show where your office locations are and showcase highlights of those buildings; when they were acquired and which members of staff run those offices.

Have brochures created detailing the company and history of the man/woman behind the creation of the company, include images of before and after.

If your company has a website advertise your event on your homepage and allow clients to sign up for the event.

A video would tell a great story and show your values in project management, you can show your years in progress, how it was delivered, the people behind making it happen and then choose some special moments for the finale.

Now would be a good time to develop a newsletter to send out to your audience, your release will detail your milestone and the reason why you matter in your community and in your market sector. If you want to try and be a little bit different you could adapt your company logo to mark the 10 year anniversary, you could even go the extra mile and create a newspaper mail out which is dated from 10 years ago and move through the years in this publication. You could include interesting facts such as major world events, who was president of the USA during the year the company was created. What sports teams were popular then, did anything spectacular happen? Did anything special happen in your home town, document this and use it for people to relate. These newspapers can be handed out at the event or mailed to customer's homes prior to the event.

If you want to boost sales and be cheeky during this moment where you have your customers' attention, offer a sale or promotion or perhaps you want to give customers anniversary bags when they leave the event, it is a great way to engage with your audience and keep your company name firmly in their memory. Should you decide in the future to continue having events you will increase your chances of putting bums on seats.

If you are going to have food at your event then you may also wish to consider a cake to celebrate with your staff and get them involved in the full swing of things and help them feel important.

Diamonds mark 10 years anniversary and while you cannot give all your attendees diamonds you could have a sparkle and shine theme or white and diamonds theme and decorate your room with crystals, perhaps an ice sculpture sparkling as a centrepiece or a treasure chest filled with sparkly items and lucky dip. You could hand out cuff links to the gentlemen and pins for the ladies. Something they can keep and remember you for years to come.

The lead up to your event will be a great trip down memory lane and this is something you could also involve your clients in, can they share a memorable story with you for your review book or perhaps you want to interview a few for your video.

Whatever you choose to do, your corporate event shouldn't be stressful or a burden, it is a time to reflect and share with the people who helped in your success. Enjoy it and make it a night to remember.