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The fuel of any successful blog is the content published. One tactic used to increase the amount of content published by a blog is to utilize guest bloggers who share their articles on your site.

What To Do

Use guest blogging to improve your brands exposure along with increasing your overall reach and building community.

Use guest blogging to build an audience around multiple authors regularly publishing interesting and unique content.

What Not To Do

Don't use guest blogging for link building.

Avoid links to and from low quality spammy sites.

Don't buy or sell links with guest bloggers.

How To Find Guest Bloggers

Below is a list of ideas to connect with other writers who want to contribute content to your blog. Here are a few things to consider before you get started. On our small business forum, we hear many comment that it takes time to cultivate a successful long term relationship with other guest bloggers. One of the most effective ways to attract guest bloggers is to have a compelling and successful blog with a well established audience. Before entering your quest for guest bloggers, compare how your blog stacks up against industry benchmarks within your niche. Using this competitive analysis, make improvements to your blog to make it the best possible. Additionally, it can be helpful to directly communicate the benefits of guest blogging. What's in it for me? Create a list of the benefits others will receive and promote it.


One of the simplest ways to find guest bloggers is to simply ask your readers. This can be done by adding a link within your site's navigation menu and making a blog post describing your needs and explaining the benefits. Additionally, if you have an email newsletter then include your information there.


A couple of websites that promote a network of guest bloggers are -


We hear that it can help to checkout and post your request on the forum at MyBlogGuest. Additionally, consider guest blogging on other's websites by including your details within the networks. Be sure to avoid low quality sites. Search for high quality blogs and be sure to use keywords related to the niche you are targeting.


Identify the people who are the top experts within your niche. Introduce yourself and ask them to be guest bloggers.


If you are seeking guest bloggers, consider asking high quality blogs if you can guest blog for them. After establishing a relationship, then pursue opportunities for them to create unique articles for your blog. A reciprocal relationship can benefit both individuals.


Use your search engines to find guest bloggers. A combination of keywords including your niche target and terms such as "guest blogging" can bring up results of those interested. Examples include -

"submit post" + Keywords
"submit blog" + Keywords
"write for us" + Keywords
"guest blogger wanted" + Keywords
"submit a guest post" + Keywords
"submit an article" + Keywords
"(write for our) guest column" + Keywords
"add blog post" + Keywords

Replace keywords with your niche, industry, product, service, etc.

Use quotes surrounding phrases to get more precise results.


Post on social media sites such as facebook, linkedin and twitter that you are looking for guest bloggers.


Use pay per click advertising to find guest bloggers based on keyword searches. Create a landing page that is targeted to your audience of guest bloggers and the benefits you offer.

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