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These days to start a business, you would be right in assuming that you will communicate and target your customers using a computer. Below we share some ideas within the computer industry to help get you started.

In our modern generation a computer business has grown to be a very popular choice of work for many people, requiring a low investment to get you started and with a requirement of very little knowledge you can be up and running your own computer business in a short space of time.

Home Tutor

Not everyone is computer savvy, yet we all own one these days, whether it be a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Being a home based tutor allows you to teach individuals and businesses on how they can use their equipment, programmes and software to their advantage. This could be arranged from your home or the clients.

Computer Dealer

Contact brand names like Dell, HP, Acer etc and become an authorized dealer to sell their equipment from your website. As many people are now owners of computers, they constantly find themselves needing to upgrade their equipment and it is always handy to have someone local.

Parts & Service

Offering a service to your clients for repair or new accessories and parts to repair old equipment is a great business idea, there are tons of people out there who need a new mouse, keyboard, battery for their laptop, adapters, the list quite frankly is endless.

Printer Cartridges

The market for ink in printers has become popular over the years. Cartridges from specific dealers have become expensive and they have priced themselves almost out of the market! Printing is still widely used despite the fact many businesses try and stay digital. Ink cartridges and toners are still widely used, you can also offer free delivery for your items

Internet Marketing Services

Although you will need a skill set for this type of work it is a successful endeavour once you have. The skills required are more about the internet based work than the computer itself. SEO, PPC, Social Media Campaigns and networking. This type of business is the ideal laptop life business where you can freelance or work for specific clients, this work is completely virtual. If you wanted to become even more of a professional in this area then mobile marketing is the new rage, very competitive and very profitable.

Desktop Publishing

Producing books, magazines, newsletters, web designs, brochures, flyers, business cards and so on are among the many options for a computer business idea. A lot of companies like to farm this type of work out and have a freelancer producing all their digital creations and require digital logos and images for their internet presence.

Video Editing Services

Videos are extremely popular these days and businesses around the globe need promotional videos for their social media profiles and adverts. Editing a video is a valuable service for those who need to upload to YouTube, Vimeo etc. This does require an element of professional skill to prove that your service is more beneficial than a DIY job done at home.

Logo & Brand Design

Not all your clients will want high quality digital images, some clients still need print for various adverts, whether they want print or digital a good design is what makes a business stand out. You can design a logo, invitations, newsletters, social media cover photos and logos, business cards and flyers.

Transcription Services

Companies all around the world always need people who can transcribe for them, if you have good enough English you could find yourself in a very profitable industry with many opportunities available.

Ghost Writing & Editing

If you have a good grade in English for writing and grammar then this could be the new business idea for you. You can write articles for clients for their blogs, websites, newspapers and magazines and perhaps edit some of their old content to bring it up to date.

eBook Sales

I know you may not think this is a business idea for you but you don't have to be an author of a best selling book to sell eBooks. The idea is to sell those already produced by other people. You could set up your own website and advertise them for sale or join an affiliate programme where you buy the rights to re-sell.


Offering advice and consulting business is a career which requires both expertise, patience, knowledge and experience, however, bear in mind that there are those out there who need that knowledge in order to succeed. So if you have all of those in the bag then you can make money consulting individuals and businesses from the comfort of your own armchair.

Online Store

Anyone can start an online store these days with some internet skills. You can sell directly to consumers or use a drop shipping service. You only need a small website and the correct e-commerce software and you are away. Perhaps you have some products of your own you would like to sell or you have found a nice niche from another supplier. There are also the options of Etsy or Notonthehighstreet where you can sell your own hand crafted creations.