Business Valuation

Biz Equity

According to a recent survey, almost 66% of all business owners do not know how to quantify or calculate the value of their own businesses. BizEquity makes this knowledge readily accessible, drawing on our database of more than 11 million businesses to create an estimated business valuation for your own venture during the key phases of its life cycle: from raising capital to succession planning. The result is a better understanding of your business and how it stacks up to competitors down the street or across the country.

Business owners can also use BizEquity to create a free, customized business valuation that allows comparison against industry benchmarks in an easy-to-understand format. A custom valuation also helps keep relevant information handy when communicating with industry experts and peers via the BizEquity blog.

Business Equity Appraisal Reports

Business Equity Appraisal Reports, Inc., also known as BEAR, was founded in 1987 to develop business valuation software. Since then, BEAR has evolved into business valuation firm working through a nationwide network of valuation experts, including CPAs, business brokers, and consultants. BEAR has participated in more than 6,000 valuations of business interests in over 400 industries.

Business Valuation Resources

What is my business worth? It's the most important financial question you can ask. For private company owners, it's also the most difficult to answer. Until now. In just a few steps you'll be able to replace your assumptions with hard numbers and real comparables from BVR, the market leader in private company sales transaction data.


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