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Without sales, you really don't exist in the world today and to achieve this you need leads which you can convert. The first place for you to start is to find a business lead provider and one which offers the right quality of lead for the right price. Databases differ across the board from pricing to ease of use and how well they can integrate with customer relationship management, we have done a lot of the hard work for you and below we present some of the top lead providers.

Offering leads worldwide in the market sector of your choosing with data from 70 carefully selected leading data partners. They have more than 55 million companies from around the world and they aim to increase this through 2017.

Avention has 4 products available. OneSource Essential which will provide you with business information for research and targeted marketing. OneSource Technology which offers extensive coverage of IT architectures. OneSource Finance gives you extensive financial information. OneSource Deluxe is their robust package and covers all of the above packages. Their pricing seems to be well hidden but they do offer a free trial to get you going.

This well formatted lead provider is now offering cloud pricing starting at $25 per month with their CRM starter to their Lightning Unlimited for $300 a month, their packages include phone numbers, email addresses, contact names and addresses, they are very competitive with their pricing and their software is easy to use, not to mention the quality of their data, has seen the fewest complaints where their data is concerned, they are a good choice to get you started.

Dun and Bradstreet:

Primarily focus on credit underwriting products but they are the leading repository of company data in the world. They are global company with over 5,000 employees and more than 300,000 global data sources. Their sales and marketing products appear to be Hoover's, however, in 2015 they also acquired NetProspex, a CRM data company.

Their products are extensive and cover various industries: Finance, Credit and Risk. Marketing and Sales. Supply Chain Management, Corporate Compliance and Analytics. Prices are not listed on their website as you have to call them with your particular specifics.

Offers a database of 85 million within 900 industry segments, however, beware that their database is a little old so you may find some complaints with their information. Hoover's database is worldwide so if you are only targeting the US then perhaps Hoovers would not be the place for you, but if you're looking for international it could be worth a look. .

For $1.50 per lead Hoovers will provide you with direct phone numbers, email addresses, mailing address and expanded company information, for $1.20 you will receive phone leads only. If it is company addresses you want then they offer this for $0.54 per lead so if you are just doing a mailing list then you can shave some cost off per lead with this option.

Browse 32 industries across 6 regions around the world, their database claims to have the highest accuracy (93%) with 8.6 million businesses in 195 countries around the globe. They also offer a database of 80,000 Senior Executives in Finance, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, Logistics, Research and Strategy. You can search by region, industry and country and select the package which suits your business needs. Each package has its own price which start around $1,990 ($165 per month), their data includes company names and addresses, emails and phone numbers, website, year of establishment, employee size, senior personnel, job functions, office locations, industry classifications and sales volumes. Their databases are quite extensive and the information very comprehensive.

They offer a 7 day free trial and also offer 4 packages, each package has a set amount of exports each month. Basic package starts at $75 per month and has 100 exports, the Pro package is $125 per month and 300 exports, the Team package is $349 per month with 1000 exports, their final package is Enterprise, they do not show the pricing for this package but request you give them a call, the exports on this package per month are unlimited.

Their database is of companies, people, emails, addresses, lists and news.

Social Media Databases


They claim to offer a sophisticated guide for advertising, sign up and they give you $50 in free ad credits to get you started. Their company pages database is 8 million and they offer sponsored content, sponsored inMail, dynamic ads, display ads and text ads. Social media works differently to buying leads as they don't send you a list of names and addresses, you build ads to target the audience which uses their website, you would need a website for conversions.

Costs per click start around $2 and can run up $5 or more, however, a minimum daily budget is $10 per campaign with a minimum of $2 for CPC or CPM.


Similar to Ebay, Facebook works like an auction and this is part of the reason why there is no set cost like Linkedin, therefore, you say how much you are will to pay for a click and what your minimum daily budget will be. Facebook limit the amount of ads in a certain space so you are bidding in an auction for that space. To succeed on lead generation with Facebook you need to choose your audience carefully, you also want to pay particular attention to the quality of your ad, this plays a major part in the cost of your ad campaign. Facebook will score your ad out of 10 (a bit like Google does with their adwords), the higher the number the lower the cost, this doesn't necessarily mean high conversions but at least you will pay a lower cost.


Have three types of advertising options which allow you to promote tweets, promote accounts and promote trends. You can get your advertising started from as little as $0.50 per engagement. Just like Facebook your Twitter ads are auction based so your budget and bid determines the price of your campaign. You are charged each time there is an action, there is not exact pricing for Twitter ads as you set your budget definitions in the campaign process.