Businesses for Sale

Websites that can help you with buying and selling a small business

1. BizBuySell
2. BusinessBroker
3. BusinessesForSale
4. Flippa
5. DealStream
6. MergerPlace

How can I sell a business quickly?

A quick sale of any business is dependent on both parties completing their end of the transaction in a timely manner. But before you can complete any sale, finding a potential buyer is often the most lengthy and difficult part of the process. Consider selling your business directly to a targeted buyer, and be prepared with the information needed in hand. The following may be interested in buying your business quickly.

1. Sell Business To Family
2. Sell Business To Employees
3. Sell Business To A Supplier
4. Sell Business To A Competitor
5. Hire A Business Broker


Offer a financial incentive based on the timeframe that the sale is to be completed. Simply, the quicker the sale then the lower the price. For example, offer a price that is $10,000 lower if the transaction is completed within 30 days. And subsequently, a price that is $5,000 lower if the transaction is completed between 30 and 60 days.